The Gleeful Gourmand: Deep In the Heart (or food) of Texas

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Deep In the Heart (or food) of Texas

My friend Kiki and I had an amazing time in Austin, TX just hanging out, relaxing, and eating our way through the city. It was nice to take a short break from being a mom and engage in adult conversation, and to know that for a few brief days I selfishly didn't have to worry about anyone but myself. My husband deserves all the credit for that one, because he is such an amazing father. He made it easy for me.

Besides having amazing music and amazing food, I was really struck with how genuinely nice everyone in Austin is. Everywhere we went the people were friendly and accommodating (even in the airport!), and it was really nice to experience that. The first night there we ate at Stubb's BBQ where we had some great barbecue (pulled pork for me, brisket for Kiki), and I also had a huge blonde moment (or maybe Momnesia) when Kiki asked me if I ever bought their sauces in Richmond. My first reaction was, "Nope, never." And then I thought for a moment, and realized that yes, in fact, I use Stubb's sauces all the freaking time, and probably had a jar in my fridge at that very moment. I think what threw me was that the logo for Stubb's on their bottles is not the same at the restaurant (except on t-shirts, which I didn't see). Duh.

Austin is also a hot spot for food trucks, which I am just beginning to grasp are kind of a big deal in a lot of cities these days. We hunted down Fliphappy Crepes, which apparently won a throwdown with Bobby Flay. I can attest that they deserved the award. This truck occupied the whole parking lot, and put out brightly colored picnic tables with canvases strung overhead between the trees to block out the hot Texas sun. I had a savory crepe for lunch that had chicken, carmalized onions, cheddar cheese and mushrooms, and it was crepe heaven. Its edges were slightly crunchy for great texture, and it was also peppery without being overbearing, and rich without being heavy. I saw a woman waiting for her order with a bottle of wine she brought herself (hopefully not to drink all by herself), and thought what a perfect idea that was. We shared a kid's nutella crepe which was equally as yummy, and may have gone back at a later time for yet another dessert.

My next post will be about our most spectacular eating experience in Austin, but in the meantime, check out Kiki's pictures over at her blog I Still Hate Pickles, because mine are woefully inadequate.


Unknown said...

Oh how I envy your trip. Austin seems like such a great town and very artsy like Richmond.

Jenna said...

It is such a cool town! It is super artsy, but not in an unapproachable way, if that makes sense. I also liked how outdoorsy a city it was. Lots of people rode bikes (though without helmets, which really bothered me), and eating outside was definitely a priority!

Btw - I have a great magazine for you to satisfy your love of all things southern: Garden & Gun magazine. Don't let the title throw you, it's awesome!

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