The Gleeful Gourmand: The Perfect Summer White?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Perfect Summer White?

Here's a quick wine recommendation that's absolutely perfect for summertime. It's Cupcake Vineyard's Chardonnay. Now I seem to remember hearing somewhere that the tide has turned against Chardonnays. That this particular grape was the "it" grape a few years ago, and everyone jumped on board, but then drank so much of it that they all quickly jumped off the board. I have no idea about that. I don't typically follow wine trends. I'm usually too engrossed in the food to care. I leave the caring about wine selection up to my husband, who, (ahem) has sworn up and down that he's going to write a blog post soon about his favorite wine picks.

Anyway. Trends be damned, this is an excellent Chardonnay. It's crisp, yet velvety...oh, forget it, I'm no good at describing wines. Here's what the label from the back of the bottle says, and I honestly could not say it better than this:

"Our vineyards work hard to bring you the biggest, richest Chardonnay from California's desirable Central Coast, where the sun-drenched grapes create full and elegantly-textured wines. Decadent flavors of butter cream, bright citrus and vanilla melt into a balance of oak and subtle spice. In other words: Sinful."

See, doesn't that sound good? It is. Tonight we drank it with an orzo salad that had cherry tomatoes, basil, red onions, kidney beans and a light red wine vinaigrette with corn on the cob and strawberry bread. It was perfect. We found our bottle at World Market for just $13. If you want to learn more about Cupcake Vineyards, you can go here.


Anonymous said...

You have three children and you are drinking wine, blogging, and talking about an elite dinner you just made. I'd be writing a book on how you are pulling off supermom! Congrats! Jamie

Anonymous said...

I love Cupcake wines! In our house, "cupcaked" doesn't usually have anything to do with delicious baked treats. Thanks for highlighting this one! Meghan

Elizabeth Wilson said...

I want to go to there.

Alison said...

You are going to HAVE to try our wines at James River.... made in VA, tastier (imho), and not overly expensive! I'm not a chardonnay girl, but our Reserve Chardonnay kicks butt... love it... I'm working on Sunday (hint, hint)~!

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