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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tasty New Documentary: SOMM

I love wine. I love drinking wine. I love wine tastings. I know what I like and can sometimes accurately pair the right wine with the right food. I even use an aerator whenever drinking red; but I'll be honest, food is my focus, while wine is the music in the background. My husband is actually the one who really knows about wines, regions, and all the intricacies of choosing wines to drink. I'm more the person who holds out their glass, sniffs and swirls because I think I'm supposed to and proclaims, "Hey, that's good!" When a waiter pours a little bit in my glass to let me try the first taste, I'm the person who looks anything but serious as I sniff and sip. I'm pretty sure I have a really goofy look on my face, and usually I joke, "Ugh! This is the worst thing I've ever tasted! Blech!" You know, just for kicks. I almost can't stop myself.

Despite the lack of serious knowledge, I really am in awe of Sommeliers and their craft, and I can't wait to see this new documentary, SOMM. It follows several people as they prepare for and take their Master Sommelier exams - one of the toughest tests you've never heard of. To give you an idea of how hard this test is, they say that in the last 40 years, only 170 people around the world have passed it to be proclaimed Master Sommeliers. The sheer amount of knowledge they have to possess, and the almost singular focus they have to have is incredible.

Pour yourself a glass and check out the trailer!


Kirsten Oliphant said...

That looks intense! And like a fun documentary! :)

Elizabeth said...

woooo, can't wait!

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