The Gleeful Gourmand: July 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Hey everyone! This is just a quick update to tell y'all that you can now follow me on Bloglovin'! Feel the love, follow the GG, and discover new blogs! All you have to do is click on that cute little button you see to the right in the sidebar. Happy reading!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Gleeful Gourmand Goes To The Beach!

I've been on a little hiatus - we just got back from our wonderful family vacation in the Outer Banks (that's in North Carolina for those of you who don't know). We had an amazing time running the kids from sun-up to sun-down, swimming in the frigid water, getting sunburned, and generally having the time of our lives. We even saw a humpback (we think) whale! That was a first for me - I've been going to the Outer Banks since I was a little girl, and I've never seen a whale off its shores. And so close, too! Dolphins, porpoises, pelicans - yes. Whales - no. It was truly a magical thing to witness. And thank goodness Buck just happened to be looking out of the window at the right time!

We also had a really fun 4th of July that included a town parade, more fireworks than you could shake a stick at (especially since they're illegal in N.C.), and a terrific feast that included my mom's famous gazpacho. It's not summer without it, and that will be my next post.
The view from our porch.

It's really hard being home now after such a great time. Getting back into routines, and trying to find things to do to keep these kiddos occupied and happy is not easy. I think we all got a little too used to having the beach as our backyard. Like all wonderful things, our vacation went way too fast, but we really got some excellent memories out of it. It was so fun to see the girls really interact at the beach this time, and watch them fall in love with it as much as we do. It's safe to say that we've created three little beach bums just like us. 'Till next time, OBX!

Getting these three to smile at the same time was no easy task!