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Friday, March 21, 2014

RVA Happy

It's finally a truly beautiful, Spring day here in Richmond, VA; and it's a Friday to boot! I woke up this morning to find this cute, cool video highlighting all of the best people and places in RVA, all set to Pharrell Williams' wonderfully uplifting (and Oscar-nominated) song "Happy." I'm constantly blasting this song to dance around the house to and chase all those Polar Vortex/three kids/tired Mama blues away. To hear and see it used as the background for my home, and the place I love so dearly was very cool.

It's funny: I've lived here in RVA all my life, and only left to go to college. I never thought I'd end up living here long-term, and there were more than a few times that I bemoaned living in Richmond. As anyone who's lived in one place all their lives, I daresay that's pretty normal. But Richmond has been, and is, changing for the better all the time.

From national recognition of all the outdoor fun this city has to offer, to our emergence on the food scene, to not only getting on the map, but burning the whole map up with how cool our local craft breweries are, to having some great movies and TV shows filmed here, and the absolutely stunning renovation of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, I'm happier than ever to call Richmond my home.

This Spring, when you're considering where to take your next road trip or or weekend getaway, I hope you'll make it a point to check out Richmond, and come visit us. We'll show you why Richmond, just like all of Virginia, is so easy to love. #RVAHappy


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