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About The Gleeful Gourmand

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Welcome to The Gleeful Gourmand! If you found your way here, it’s probably because A) You love food and/or B) You love reading about food. I'm so happy you're here. Hey, show of hands - who here thinks this little chat would be so much better over a glass of wine and some fresh French bread smeared with roasted garlic and goat cheese? Yeah, me too…but I digress.

So what is The Gleeful Gourmand all about? Well, it’s mainly what the tagline advertises: Food, Literature, and Life. There’s a lot of talk about Food: What I’m making, trends in the culinary world, and food from my childhood. There’s some talk about Literature: Books that make me salivate, chef memoirs, etc. Then there’s a little about Life: Raising an 8-year-old son and identical twin girl preschoolers and our adventures together.

I learned to cook from my mother, who is an excellent home cook herself. She gave me the basics to get started and instilled a love of good food and excellent restaurants in me. My husband has been the second part of that equation, as he challenged me to grow as a cook. We have wildly different styles of cooking, and he has helped me step outside of my comfort zone and realize that there is very little out there I can’t cook. Though I’ve yet to truss a chicken, and he has. True story.

Allison Shumate Photography
I love the written word, and I hope you enjoy my words about food, and join me in celebrating the Gourmand lifestyle. By the way, what exactly do I consider a Gourmand lifestyle? It's simple: Good food, good drinks, fun entertaining, and great times shared with family and friends - but without breaking the bank! Check out my links to books that I love (revolving around food, of course), and keep coming back for updates and new posts – I try to post at least once a week. Thank you so much for reading!!

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P.S. - See that pitcher up there? The one that's all over my blog? Well, it has a special significance to me. My Grandmother, my mother's mom, gave that to my mother a long time ago. It has been used to do it all: serve frosty iced tea, hold utensils, you name it. My mom passed it down to me when I moved into my first house, and I use it every day to hold my kitchen tools. It sits right next to my stove and it reminds me of so many wonderful memories made in kitchens that I have come to know and love. Because The Gleeful Gourmand is nothing if not nostalgic!


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