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Tasty Reading

To say I love to read would be an enormous understatement. For me, I liken reading to breathing: I need it in order to survive. The first time I remember reading a book that was about almost entirely about food came in elementary school, and it was "The Chocolate Touch" by Patrick Skene Catling. It told the story of a boy, John Midas, who wakes up one morning to find to his delight (and eventual horror) that everything he puts in his mouth turns to chocolate. Since then, I've fallen in love with several books that indulge my favorite subject.

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On this page, you'll find a list of books and novels that I've come to love the most. Some feature the best of food writing, some are chef memoirs, and in some cases, simply delicious tales. Keep checking back to see if I've updated the list, and feel free to leave your favorites in the comments - I'm always looking for a great book!

P.S. - These are in absolutely no particular order!

The Tasty Reading List

• "Treme: Stories and Recipes from the Heart of New Orleans" by Lolis Eric Elie

• "The Taste of Country Cooking" by Edna Lewis

• "The Art of Eating" by M.F.K. Fisher

• "The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food" by Judith Jones

• "Spiced" by Dalia Jurgensen

• "Kitchen Confidential" by Anthony Bourdain

• "Comfort Food" by Kate Jacobs

• "Tender at the Bone" by Ruth Reichl

• "A Year in Provence" by Peter Mayle

• "My Life in France" by Julia Child and Alex Prud'Homme

• "Yes, Chef" by Marcus Samuelsson

• "The Hundred-Foot Journey" by Richard C. Morais

• "Humble Pie: Musings on What Lies Beneath the Crust" by Anne Dimock


Anonymous said...

Have you ever read "An Embarrassment of Mangoes"? Such a fun book about a Canadian couple who drop out to go live on a boat in the Caribbean. The wife loves to cook so makes an effort to learn about the unique food of each island/country. Includes a recipe at the end of each chapter. Fun!

Jenna said...

I haven't, but that sounds fantastic - a perfect food read for the summer!

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